Is there someone around?

It’s about time to be back in business. I have let that blog down for too long and now feel the urge to start writting again – slowly but surely.

1st, clean up all the spams… Done!

2nd, re-activate netvibes, google readers to start reading blogs intensely again.

3rd, get accustomed to the new wordpress as there has been some changes since my last visit h

4th, up-date the blogroll – starting with Rob Kozinets’s blog as a first attempt to follow closely the development of Consumer Culture Theory through Web2.0.

5th, give some more thoughts to the editorial objectives of this blog and find a suitable visual expression.

See you soon here – hopefully.


2 Responses to “Is there someone around?”

  1. 1 Peter 22/02/2009 at 11:08 am

    Well, it will be up just for the next 6 weeks, right? ;)

  2. 2 Jochem 22/02/2009 at 1:10 pm

    Maybe Peter will also continue his blog after your example…

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Let this diversity of opinions be propounded to, and laid before him; he will himself choose, if he be able; if not, he will remain in doubt. "Che non men che saver, dubbiar m' aggrata." ["I love to doubt, as well as to know."-- Dante, Inferno, xi. 93] for, if he embraces the opinions of Xenophon and Plato, by his own reason, they will no more be theirs, but become his own. Who follows another, follows nothing, finds nothing, nay, is inquisitive after nothing. "Non sumus sub rege; sibi quisque se vindicet." ["We are under no king; let each vindicate himself." --Seneca, Ep.,33]"
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