Recommendation : yet an other piece of marketing reading to avoid

Ok the book is not new. But still, discounted price or special offer should not be an excuse to lower your standards.

So here is a quote for the weekend. It is about marketing all-time revered pundit and this is the kind of statement that makes marketing scholarship more enjoyable, while never missing to make a (devastating) point :

” It is half-backed hack-work of the lowest order. It exibits not a shred, not a smigden, not a scintilla of scholarship or academic rigour. It is a gruesome melange of tired and testing truisms, reheeated anecdotes, bogus recommendations, pseudo-insights, specious checklits and the sort of simplistic sloganizing that even Tom Peters would be disinclined to disburse. In my more amenable moments, admittedly, I toy with the notion that this catalogue of clichés, this pantheon of platitudes, this inventories of inanities is some kind of joke – Wild Phil Kotler, the Andy Warhol of marketing scholarship, having a laugh at his credulous disciples’ expense. I’m sory to say that this book is a joke… but nobody’s laughing. “

Brown, S., (1998) Postmodern Marketing Two: Telling tells. p.65

Wanna make sure you don’t waste money buying that piece of “inspiring” (sic) literature Brown depicts ?

So you’d better stay away from that !


2 Responses to “Recommendation : yet an other piece of marketing reading to avoid”

  1. 1 bdu 19/07/2007 at 4:26 pm

    hello from France and Lucette

  2. 2 Gizmo 02/08/2007 at 9:43 am

    J’ai une vision moins sélective : I stay away from everything related to management.

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