Have you seen Laura Palmer ?

David_LynchLast week I was reading a couple of articles on Le Monde regarding the unique exhibition organized by The Cartier Foundation (in Paris, til May, 27) dedicated to David Lynch’s non cinematographic works. If this side of his work remains largely confidential the iconic US director has long worked with photography, sounds, music, animated cartoons, paintings and so on and seems committed to those as much as to his movies. In fact, it seems rather clear that all facets of his endeavors communicate and inspire each other to the point that many have pointed to the very plastic and tactile dimension of his movies. Regretting that such an event would most likely never take place in Copenhagen, I was planning a visit to the Cartier Foundation during my next trip to Paris when I, the very next day, came across an ad in a local bookstore for a conference organized by the Statens Museum for Kunst here in CPH on March 7 with – precisely- the uncompromising and brilliant David Lynch, . How ironical !

As time was elapsing, I was getting very excited about the perspective to meet the director of movies such as Eraserhead or Mulholland Drive. However the program which stated that he would talk mostly about transcendental meditation got me perplex if not skeptical. I know that Lynch has for decades found inspiration into meditation and what one might call alternative spiritual experiences. I have no opinion on the matter as my knowledge or experience of it is nearly non-existing. However as a “cinephile”, I cannot help considering a waste the fact that such an inspired and original figure of contemporary cinema would skip away from discussing cinema-related issues (…and not necessarily the meaning of his movies, which he notoriously refuses to do) . I assumed this would frustrate most of the audience and not only me even though this set-back would certainly not prevent the fan I am from popping up there. After all, an autograph of, a word or a picture with him would easily compensate for potentially esoteric ramblings.

Unfortunately, I got a last minute assignment from the office. A presentation for a client that I wasn’t originally supposed to contribute to. I missed Lynch and the chance to penetrate the arcane of transcendental meditation and can only rely on the articles written in the Danish press since. I guess the mystery will last a bit longer and I will have to cope with all the ambiguity he infuses into each of his opus…


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