Bayrou, the unexpected challenger of French presidential election

About 2 weeks ago, I got an article about French presidential election I had committed published on Agoravox, Europe’s major citizen-based media plateform. My point was to note that, despite the interest triggered by centrist candidate’s – F. Bayrou – critics of traditional left & right categories on the political stage, very little was said in his campaign to overcome these categories in terms of economic policy. While Sarkozy (conservative party) and Royal (socialist party) remain to a large extent deeply dependent on old-fashion rhetorics typical of their respective political affiliations, I wanted to highlight the opportunity for Bayrou to prolong his positioning in his approach to economic issues. However, the lack of business and economic acumen of Bayrou, who is trained as a literature, greek and latin teacher (…he recently quoted Antigone in greek in public radio), prevents him to convincingly walk that route.

French speakers can read the article here.


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